Vayyar Imaging Raises $108 Million in Series E

by Kay Aloha Villamor in June 7th, 2022

Vayyar Imaging an Israel -based leader in 4D radar imaging technology, secured $108 million in a Series E funding round to enhance its machine and deep learning capabilities, expand to other geographic markets, and accelerate growth across additional industry verticals,

Investment firm Koch Disruptive Technologies led the round, alongside participation from previous investors including KDT, Battery Ventures, Bessemer Ventures, More VC, Regal Four, and Clatech, as well as contributions from new investors GLy Capital Management and Atreides Management LP. In addition, Vayyar tapped China International Capital Corporation Limited (CICC) as its lead financial adviser to follow up on its investor outreach in China. 

This new funding round is a ringing endorsement mission and a clear vote of confidence in the strength of technology and the strategic agility of the organization

Company: VayyarInc

Raised: $108.0M

Round: Series E

Funding Month: June 2022

Lead Investors: Koch Disruptive Technologies

Additional Investors: KDT, Battery Ventures, Bessemer Ventures, More VC, Regal Four, Clatech, GLy Capital Management, and Atreides Management LP

Company Website:

Software Category: 4D Radar Imaging Technology

About the Company: Founded in Vayyar Imaging is a global leader in 4D radar imaging technology, providing highly advanced sensors to a wide variety of industries and the first to close the gap between the robustness of radars and the resolution of LiDAR. Vayyar started with a vision to develop a more effective way of detecting early-stage breast cancer using radio frequency technology. As our technology matured, Vayyar Imaging created new opportunities including automotive, smart home, robotics, retail, RF testing, and medical. Our intelligent sensors can see through walls and objects and track and map everything happening in an environment in real-time. Unlike other products that rely on cameras and optics, Vayyar’s sensors do not collect any optic data, protecting users’ privacy at all times. Vayyar’s mission is to continue expanding the potential of consumer radar, so we can deliver the next generation of sensing technology that is miniature, affordable, and versatile enough to impact everyone’s lives.


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