Topline Pro Raises $12 Million in Series A

by Kay Aloha Villamor in August 1st, 2023

Topline Pro, a New York-based Generative AI platform designed to enable home services professionals to efficiently manage and scale their businesses online, raised $12 million in Series A funding.

The round was led by Forerunner Ventures, with support from Bonfire Ventures, TMV, and BBG Ventures.

The recent funding will be used to further expand Generative AI capabilities across the existing suite of tools, build out additional product offerings, and expand their team across multiple roles in engineering, product, customer success, marketing, and sales.

The platform aims to democratize the key building blocks for managing and growing a home services business by leveraging AI advancements.

Topline Pro leverages generative AI across its suite of offerings, allowing business owners to focus on their craft and fieldwork while the platform handles the business management tasks in the background.

"Home Services businesses are part of the backbone of the American economy and an industry that consumers rely on for the safety and comfort of their home, but the space has been overlooked for far too long due to structural and cultural dynamics, such as market fragmentation and misplaced stigma," said Nick Ornitz, CEO and Co-founder of Topline Pro."Topline Pro is on a mission to help millions of home service business owners in the more than $500Bn market be more likely to succeed."

Company: Dwelling Management, Inc. 

Raised: $12.0M

Round: Series A

Funding Month: July 2023

Lead Investors: Forerunner Ventures

Additional Investors: Bonfire Ventures, TMV, and BBG Ventures

Company Website:

Software Category:  AI-generated Website

About the Company: Topline Pro provides a platform that empowers service based small businesses to get discovered, build trust, and get booked, repeatedly. Topline Pro utilizes generative AI to automate the creation of an SEO-optimized website and ongoing online engagement, along with tools that streamline operations from booking to payment. The company’s mission is to ensure more home service business owners succeed by providing all the tools and resources they need. Topline Pro has generated over $180M in business across thousands of businesses in nearly all 50 states. 


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