Synthetaic Secures $13 Million in Series A  

by Kay Aloha Villamor in March 18th, 2022

Synthetaic, a Delafield, WI-based end-to-end AI company, announced that it closed a $13 million in Series A financing, bringing Synthetaic’s total amount raised to $17.5 million.

The round was led by Lupa Systems, with participation from TitleTown Tech, Betaworks, Booz Allen Hamilton, and Esri. 

The money will be used to scale Synthetaic’s groundbreaking RAIC platform and continue establishing strategic partnerships to analyze some of the world’s most important data sets. 

The Series A financing will help Synthetaic grow its team and scale its cloud and generative AI technologies which fuel RAIC. The company will also leverage these funds to support strategic technology partnerships currently underway and in their pipeline.

Lupa Systems’ Ben FitzGerald has also joined Synthetaic’s Board of Directors.

Company: Synthetaic, Inc.

Raised: $13.0M

Round: Series A

Funding Month: March 2022

Lead Investors: Lupa Systems

Additional Investors: TitleTown Tech, Betaworks, Booz Allen Hamilton, and Esri

Company Website:

Software Category: Rapid Automatic Image Categorization

About the Company: Founded in 2019 by Corey Jaskolski after his work to help save the endangered Sumatran rhino inspired him to reimagine the limits of AI and data. Synthetaic provides organizations with the end-to-end pipeline for AI-enabled solutions without the traditional dependency on human-labeled data, thereby allowing for AI insights in minutes instead of after months of human annotation. Its flagship technology, RAIC (Rapid Automatic Image Categorization), enables rapid object labeling, AI modeling, and solution deployment by analyzing large, multidimensional imagery datasets, and allows both experts and non-experts to build and run detection AI models in minutes. Synthetaic’s mission is to unlock impossible AI for all.




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