Solsten Raises $22 Million in Series A  

by Kay Aloha Villamor in August 19th, 2022

Solsten, a Berlin, Germany-based AI startup which advances human experience through its AI-based platform, raised $22 million in Series B funding, bringing Solten’s total raised to $31 million since its debut.

The round was led by Konvoy, a Denver-based early-stage investment firm, returning investors Inventure, the Nordic venture fund, consumer entertainment-focused GFR Fund, early-stage game experts Sisu Game Ventures, and the University of Wisconsin-Madison alumni fund Bascom Ventures all participated in the round.

New investors Galaxy Interactive, Japanese marketing, and communications industry specialists Dentsu Ventures, and the blockchain-focussed private equity group Warburg Serres also invested in Solsten.

Solsten plans to use the funding to expand its current product suite as it strives to become the one-stop shop for audience understanding and experience management in gaming, as well as to pursue clinical trials and the use of real games as digital therapeutics to measure and improve mental health.

Company: Solsten, Inc.

Raised: $22.0M

Round: Series B

Funding Month: Aug 2022

Lead Investors: Konvoy

Additional Investors: Inventure, the Nordic venture fund, GFR Fund, Sisu Game Ventures, Bascom Ventures, Galaxy Interactive, Dentsu Ventures, and Warburg Serres

Company Website:

Software Category: psychology-based experience platform

About the Company: Co-founded by Joe Schaeppi (CEO) and Bastian Bergmann (COO) in Berlin, with its current headquarters in Minneapolis, Solsten helps companies create more engaging, livelier, and healthier digital experiences through the analysis of human psychology. Its AI-based platform allows brands to understand their customers on a deeply human level to create experiences that truly resonate. Insights from Solsten’s technology, and from the three core elements of its product ecosystem (Traits, Navigator, and Frequency), help companies design better digital experiences for audiences. Solsten’s platform is predominantly used by key decision-makers in the gaming industry, as well as those in executive, research, product, and marketing positions within medium-to-large studios. Current prominent clients include a number of international gaming studios and publishers, such as MobilityWare, Mythical Games, Sky Mavis, Super Evil Megacorp, Starbreeze, Tilting Point, and Wooga.



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