HiveMQ Raises €40 Million in Series A  

by Kay Aloha Villamor in May 6th, 2022

HiveMQ, a Bavaria, Germany-based MQTT-based messaging platform, announced that it raised €40 million in Series A funding, bringing HiveMQ's total raised to €49.3 million.

The round was led by Molten Capital, with participation from new investors: Mubadala Capital and Illusian, as well as reinvestments from Earlybird, Senovo, and New Forge.

This investment will allow HiveMQ to expand the growth of our world-class team even faster.

Company: HiveMQ GmbH

Raised: €40.0M

Round: Series A

Funding Month: May 2022

Lead Investors: Molten Capital

Additional Investors: Mubadala Capital, Illusian, Earlybird, Senovo, and New Forge

Company Website:

Software Category: Data messaging platform

About the Company: Founded in 2012, HiveMQ, is an MQTT-based messaging platform designed for the fast, efficient and reliable bi-directional movement of data between the device and the cloud. HiveMQ helps companies connect devices to the Internet, HiveMQ’s vision is a connected world where people and companies can unleash their full potential. Over 130 customers, including many Fortune 500 companies, rely on our product in production for mission-critical use cases like connected cars, logistics, Industry 4.0, and connected IoT products. HiveMQ Cloud is a cloud-managed MQTT broker that makes it easy to get started with MQTT. Ideal to quickly start proof of concepts and small projects but scales out to support millions of devices. It is free to connect up to 100 MQTT clients. HiveMQ is headquartered in Landshut, Germany, within the vicinity of Munich.


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