EdgeTier Raises €6 Million in Series A

by Kay Aloha Villamor in June 14th, 2023

EdgeTier, a Dublin, Ireland-based company that provides a real-time AI analytics platform for customer experience management, has successfully raised €6 million in Series A funding.

The funding round was led by Smedvig Capital, with participation from Episode 1 and Act Venture Capital.

The new funding will allow EdgeTier to expand its team by 50 employees across its Irish and Spanish bases over the next two years. Job opportunities are available across product, commercial, and operations functions.

EdgeTier plans to use the funding to further develop its product roadmap and continue its journey of growth and innovation. 

By utilizing AI, EdgeTier's platform empowers customer-facing teams to become insight-driven, efficient machines. The platform provides real-time insights, allows teams to react to emerging issues immediately, identifies sources of customer frustration, monitors agent behavior, and ensures consistent and effective customer responses.

EdgeTier's SaaS platform is designed to integrate seamlessly with existing customer service software and provides deep insights into customer attitudes and issues across multiple channels and languages.

Dr. Shane Lynn, CEO and Co-founder of EdgeTier, comments: “Companies will simply not be able to compete without AI and machine learning augmenting their ability to understand and support their customers at scale. We want to help more contact centers and customer experience professionals recover the missed insights in their conversations, react faster to changes, and have the data they need at their fingertips to make decisions. Over the fundraise, we've been really impressed with the Smedvig team; Joe and Maeve are already bringing great value to the business, and I'm really excited to partner with them now on the journey ahead.”

This significant milestone will enable EdgeTier to meet the growing demand for its platform and continue assisting companies in delivering exceptional customer experiences by leveraging conversational data.

Company: Killbiller Limited

Raised: €6.0M

Round: Series A

Funding Month: June 2023

Lead Investors: Smedvig Capital

Additional Investors: Episode 1 and Act Venture Capital

Company Website: https://www.edgetier.com/

Software Category: Customer Service Software

About the Company: Founded in 2015 by Dr. Shane Lynn, Dr. Bart Lehane, and Ciarán Tobin, EdgeTier is a real-time AI system that monitors conversations, identifies issues, and surfaces insights. The company enables contact centers to improve their customer experience with AI. Its advanced AI platform analyzes conversational data in real time to offer a deep understanding of customer attitudes, detect subtle issues as they arise, and improve agent performance with assisted responses and training based on more extensive performance analysis. The out-of-the-box system integrates with existing customer support platforms to consistently monitor customer conversations across all channels and in multilingual environments.

Source: https://www.edgetier.com/edgetier-raises-e6m-in-series-a-round-led-by-smedvig-capital/

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