Dubme.io Raises €1 Million in Pre-Seed Round

by Kay Aloha Villamor in July 5th, 2024

Dubme.io, a Madrid, Spain-based AI dubbing platform for digital creators and media companies, has raised €1 million in a pre-seed funding.  


The investment was from Boost Capital Partners, Bonsai Partners and ENISA.  

Dubme.io Use of Funds  

The company will use the funds to continue to expand its range of solutions.   

About Dubme.io  

Founded in 2023, Dubme.io developed an AI dubbing solution as part of their studio platform, designed to help content creators and media companies extend their reach by dubbing and publishing content in new languages. Its platform includes innovative features such as voice cloning, support for over 250 languages, accent control, automatic lip sync, and advanced AI technologies for enhancing audiovisual content. The company is on a mission to create the next generation of AI-powered solutions that help companies unlock the full value of their professional audiovisual content.  

Funding Details      

Company: Dubme  

Raised: €1.0M      

Round: Pre-Seed Round   

Funding Month: July 2024      

Investors: Boost Capital Partners, Bonsai Partners and ENISA  

Company Website: https://dubme.io/   

Software Category: AI Dubbing  

Source: https://www.linkedin.com/company/dubme-io/

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