DeepAuto Secures Funding From Naver D2SF

by Kay Aloha Villamor in November 24th, 2023

DeepAuto, a Seoul, South Korea-based AI automation startup developing AutoMLOps, has secured funding.  

SaaS Investors 

The investment was from Naver D2SF (D2 Startup Factory).   

Naver D2 Startup Factory is a venture capital firm based in Seoul, South Korea, that invests in early-stage technology startups. D2SF focuses on the value and potential of technology, investing in technology startups that realize user value with outstanding technological capabilities.  

DeepAuto Use of Funds  

The company to use the funds plans to expand its product lineup after focusing on GPU cost minimization in 2024.  

About DeepAuto  

DeepAuto develops AutoMLOps for automating the entire AI model introduction and operation process. AutoMLOps optimizes the entire process of adopting and operating AI models, enhancing data processing, learning, model exploration, validation, and service deployment. The company has been selected for the 'DeepTech TIPS' program and has partnerships with organizations like Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology, Cheil Worldwide, and StradVision. Beyond domestic operations, the startup has established a business network in North America, positioning itself to expand operations in the U.S.  

Funding Details      

Company: DeepAuto  

Raised: Undisclosed  

Round: Unknown  

Funding Month: November 2023      

Lead Investors: Naver D2SF  

Additional Investors:

Company Website:   

Software Category: Machine Learning Automation  





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