Aquaticode Raises $6 Million in Series A  

by Kay Aloha Villamor in August 31st, 2022

Aquaticode, a Stavanger, Norway-based developer of technology that boosts global seafood production and improves operational and biological efficiency, announced that it raised $6 million in Series A funding and is ready to revolutionize the aquaculture industry.

The funds will be used to speed up projects that detect, identify, and predict relevant performance traits in a variety of marine species.

The fundraising round and the incoming sales revenue allow us to fulfill the market’s demand for our machines. This enables a transition from start-up to scale-up while maintaining a healthy balance between short-term operations and long-term R&D,” says Stian Rognlid, Aquaticode’s CEO

Aquaticode is launching its first two products in September, both capable of identifying gender in juvenile salmon through non-invasive methods: SORTmini (portable scanner), and SORTpro (an automatic, high-speed machine).

Company: Aquaticode Ltd.

Raised: $6.0M

Round: Series A

Funding Month: Aug 2022

Lead Investors: 

Additional Investors: 

Company Website:

Software Category: AI-powered aquaculture

About the Company: Founded in 2019 by Nacre Capital, a venture builder for AI within the life sciences. Aquaticode is a leader in the blue food revolution and a go-to innovation partner across the value chains of multiple aquatic species. Aquaticode develops technology that accelerates aquaculture's contribution to environmental sustainability by applying artificial intelligence to significant industry challenges to enable precision farming and increase aquaculture efficiency, sustainability, and profitability, as well as provide cost-effective alternatives to subjective models and manual processes. Aquaticode is bringing innovative AI technologies to the aquaculture sector that are already improving healthcare through precision medicine and agriculture through precision farming methods.

Source: Elisa

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