Yuvod Raises €4 Million in Funding

by Kay Aloha Villamor in May 30th, 2023

Yuvod, a Valencia, Spain-based product-as-a-service (PaaS) for video platforms, announced that it raised €4 million which will fuel its expansion in the US.

The total funding comes from a €3 million financing round, led by Palomar Capital and including Navesink Capital, Three Angels, and angel investors Bill Luby and Todd Balestro. The additional €1 million in funding came from the Valencian Institute of Finance and Enisa.

The PaaS offers over-the-top (OTT) video streaming platforms, similar to services like Netflix and Disney+, to the hospitality, telecommunications, and sports sectors.

"This round is a boost of confidence from our investors in the creation of a platform that can automate any OTT that is created worldwide. It will help us drive our business model in the US and Central Europe, and continue to open up new customer verticals such as one-off events or universities," says Yuvod CEO Ricardo Tarraga.

Company: Yuvod

Raised: €4.0M

Round: Unknown

Funding Month: May 2023

Lead Investors: Palomar Capital

Additional Investors: Navesink Capital, Three Angels, and angel investors Bill Luby, Todd Balestro, and Valencian Institute of Finance and Enisa

Company Website: https://www.yuvod.com/

Software Category: IPTV/OTT Solution

About the Company: Founded in 2015, Yuvod is a SaaS startup that helps streaming platforms centralize their operational and technical processes. The company provides cloud-based, end-to-end OTT and IPTV solutions that enable content providers and distributors of any size to launch and monetize high-quality streaming services. It is a Google-certified partner for Widevine and Android TV systems, and Yuvod has worked with over 100 clients and partners in telecommunications, cable, broadband, sports, broadcasting, and hospitality across the United States, Latin America, and Europe, including Vodafone, La Liga Tech, Grupo Hotusa, Rakuten TV, DAZN, among others.

Source: https://tech.eu/2023/05/29/spanish-media-tech-start-up-yuvod-raises-4-million-for-further-us-expansion/

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