Xaba Closes Seed Funding Round   

by Kay Aloha Villamor in February 20th, 2023

Xaba, a Toronto, Canada-based developer of the first AI-driven robotics and CNC machine controller, closed a round of seed funding to bring to market AI-driven fabrication processes and intelligent autonomous machines. 

The round was led by Hazelview Ventures, with participation from Whiteshell Group Inc. 

The investment will be used to accelerate the development of two Xaba manufacturing platforms, launch pilot programs, and grow the team across sales, deployment, and customer support.

“Xaba lowers the barriers to adopting new manufacturing technologies, materials, and approaches,” said Massimiliano Moruzzi, CEO of Xaba. “For the first time, robots used in manufacturing will be able to consider all elements of execution in the process, which will ultimately reduce reliance on human supervision.”

The company has two manufacturing platforms – xCognition and xTrude – which use proprietary, state-of-the-art industrial artificial intelligence (AI) to provide consistency, robustness, persistently high execution quality, and autonomy. 

Its platforms eliminate the need for constant human supervision, reprogramming, and waste – factors that significantly impact the return on investment of any major manufacturing or construction process.

Once available commercially, xCognition and xTrude will enable manufacturers to evaluate, adopt, and deploy intelligent automation in a much shorter time with substantially higher throughput and increased sustainability.

Xaba has partnered with leaders in the aerospace and automotive industries on disruptive projects in the U.S., Canada, and Europe to validate these manufacturing platforms with users. For Project Arrow, the all-Canadian electric vehicle, Xaba produced the world’s first 3D-printed chassis. This technology is also being used in the development of a flying car.

Company: Xaba Inc.

Raised: Undisclosed 

Round: Seed Round

Funding Month: February 2023

Lead Investors: Hazelview Ventures

Additional Investors: Whiteshell Group Inc. 

Company Website: https://www.xaba.ai/

Software Category: Industrial AI-driven Control Systems

About the Company: Founded in 2022, Xaba develops new processes, control systems, and materials that automate and enable sustainable manufacturing. Its intellectual property uses artificial intelligence (AI) to control industrial robots and enable additive manufacturing machines to synthesize new materials or create true digital twins. Such applications have the potential to disrupt current business models, determine new manufacturing processes, and create new materials. Xaba has taken an innovative approach to transforming robots used in manufacturing today into fully intelligent, self-directed systems that can automatically optimize, adjust, or change the design flow to incorporate the various constraints typically found within mechanization.

Source: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20230216005493/en/Xaba-Closes-Seed-Funding-to-Drive-Intelligent-Automation-for-Sustainable-Manufacturing

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