Wispr Raises $10 Million in Seed II Funding  

by Kay Aloha Villamor in October 25th, 2022

Wispr, a San Francisco, CA-based neurotechnology company, announced that it raised $10 million in equity and debt as part of its Seed II, bringing Wispr's total funding to $14.6M. 

Neo, Triple Point Capital, MVP Ventures, and Fred Ehrsam, co-founder of Coinbase and Paradigm Ventures, are the major investors in this round. Previous investors, including New Enterprise Associates (NEA) and 8VC, also increased their stake in the company.

Wispr also attracted new angel investors, including Tom Oxley (CEO of the neurotech startup Synchron) and Arash Ferdowsi (co-founder and CTO of Dropbox).

"Two years ago, Sahaj and I asked ourselves, what's next? That was the birth of Wispr," said Tanay Kothari, Wispr's co-founder and CEO. "We're designing a way to interact with technology by tapping into the ways that humans most naturally interact with one another. We call these interfaces natural interfaces, which are non-invasive neural interfaces that read biosignals from your body, versus most other neural interfaces, which read signals from the brain."

Wispr must overcome a number of engineering and design challenges in order to create a successful consumer product. The company is assembling a team of world-class engineers and designers to create new technologies and modes of interaction to provide users with a seamless and intuitive experience.

Among the many PhDs and postdocs on their team are Anthony Leonardo and Ian Nauhaus. Chester Chipperfield and Reid Harrison are among their advisors.

Company: Wispr AI, Inc.

Raised: $10.0M

Round: Seed II

Funding Month: October 2022

Lead Investors: Neo, Triple Point Capital, MVP Ventures, and Fred Ehrsam

Additional Investors: New Enterprise Associates (NEA) and 8VC

Company Website: https://wispr.ai/

Software Category: AI-enabled neurotechnology 

About the Company: Founded in 2021 by Tanay Kothari and Sahaj Garg, Wispr AI is a frontier-tech consumer electronics company building a more natural interface to interact with technology and bring it to every human on the planet. The company is working with leading neuroscientists, hardware engineers, machine learning researchers, and product engineers to bring frontier technology to the mass consumer market. Wispr AI is building a wearable that can convert deliberate thought into action and high-bandwidth digital input. By combining the latest advancements in deep learning, electrical interfaces, and neuroscience, the company will allow users to interface with its increasingly immersive digital world seamlessly. Wispr AI is headquartered in San Francisco, California

Source: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/wispr-raises-another-10m-to-build-a-more-natural-way-to-interact-with-technology-301657331.html

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