VisionAI Raises €5 Million in Seed Round

by Kay Aloha Villamor in October 24th, 2023

VisionAI, a Bielefeld, Germany-based startup using AI to provide e-commerce merchants with better search results and cross-selling opportunities, raised €5 million in a seed funding.

SaaS Investor

The round was led by HV Capital, with the participation of Christian Reber (founder at Pitch, Superlist, Wunderlist, and Interface Capital), Niklas Jansen (co-founder at Blinkist), Oliver Flaskämper, Philipp Westermeyer (founder at OMR).

Founded in 2000, HV Capital is a Munich- and Berlin-based venture capital firm that supports founders in developing their internet companies. The firm prefers to invest in companies operating in the fintech, B2B, e-commerec, enterprise, travel, education, mobility, healthcare, and retail sectors.

VisionAI Use of Funds

The funding will support the company's international expansion efforts.

About VisionAI

VisionAI is an AI research lab that provides a range of AI-powered solutions for online retailers, including personalized "Shop-the-Look" applications, cross-selling solutions, and AI-powered image-based search. The company aims to help small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) compete with larger players in their industry by offering independent AI technologies. VisionAI works with some 120 global customers including New Balance and Alpha Industries.

Funding Details

Company: VisionAI GmbH

Raised: €5.0M

Round: Unknown

Funding Month: October 2023

Lead Investors: HV Capital

Additional Investor: Christian Reber, Niklas Jansen, Oliver Flaskämper, Philipp Westermeyer 

Company website: 

Software Category: AI-powered Ecommerce Solutions


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