Tvarit Raises €5 Million in Funding

by Kay Aloha Villamor in April 17th, 2023

Tvarit, a Frankfurt, Germany-based startup that’s on a journey to enable zero-waste manufacturing, raised €5 million in the latest funding.

The round was led by Switzerland-based Momenta, with participation from existing investor Matterwave Ventures. 

The funding will help the German startup to accelerate zero-waste manufacturing through AI-powered, waste-free, and energy-efficient metal manufacturing.

Additionally, the sustainable tech company will use the funds to accelerate its technology development and global presence.

The company currently employs 49 people as full-time employees. Suhas Patel, Founder and CEO at Tvarit: “Metal manufacturing shop floors are very complex.” In state-of-the-art machines, there are 2.4 trillion possible combinations to optimize process parameters—no human can be sure of finding the optimum. “AI is the only way to eliminate waste on the shop floor.”

Tvarit offers a hybrid AI solution combining deep metal processing domain knowledge with data-driven AI to provide continuous, accurate prescriptions and actionable insights that help machine operators achieve higher productivity.

Company: Tvarit GmbH

Raised: €5.0M

Round: Unknown

Funding Month: April 2023

Lead Investors: Momenta

Additional Investors: Matterwave Ventures

Company Website:

Software Category: Industrial Artificial Intelligence Solutions 

About the Company: Founded in 2019 by Suhas Patel and Rahul Prajapat, TVARIT is a deep-tech SaaS company specializing in the development and commercialization of a patented industrial AI solution for foundries and metalworking industries. The company is driven by the vision of sustainable and zero-waste manufacturing. Their goal is to pave the way for manufacturers worldwide to achieve maximum overall equipment efficiency (OEE) with virtually no waste or energy loss and next-generation production planning focused on energy efficiency, using our cutting-edge AI technology (TiA).


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