Timecho Raises $10 Million in Funding

by Kay Aloha Villamor June 30th, 2022

Timecho, a Stuttgart, Germany-based provider of IoT-native time-series solutions, raised over $10m in the first round of funding.

The round was led by Sequoia China and joined by Koalafund, Gobi China, and Cloudwise.

The company intends to use the funds to accelerate R&D to help developers and companies best leverage the power of Apache IoTDB

Company: Timecho Limited

Raised: $10.0M


Funding Month: June 2022

Lead Investors: Sequoia China 

Additional Investors: Koalafund, Gobi China, and Cloudwise

Company Website: https://www.timecho.com

Software Category: IoT-native time-series solutions

About the Company: Led by Dr. Xiangdong Huang, Founder, Timecho delivers IoT-native time-series solutions to satisfy the demands of mass data storage, fast reads, and complex data analytics, enabling companies to leverage the value of time-series data with higher reliability at lower costs. The company will focus on providing solutions that will be more adaptable with high-end equipment, mass devices, computational-resource-limited platforms, and further scenarios. Timecho is a world-leading provider of time series database management systems (DBMS) and related services, founded by the core team of the international top-level open-source project Apache IoTDB based on the core patent of Tsinghua University time series data management. Focusing on Apache IoTDB, we are committed to building a new digital infrastructure for the Internet of Things.

Source: https://www.finsmes.com/2022/06/timecho-raises-over-us10m-in-first-funding.html

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