Taclia Secures €6.2 Million in Funding

by Kay Aloha Villamor in May 1st, 2023

Taclia, a Barcelona, Spain-based software startup that enables SMEs to digitize and manage daily processes, announced that it secured €6.2 million from Cusp Capital and Stage 2 Capital.

The funds will be used to improve the product, grow its team, and scale across geographies.

Casals says, “Cusp Capital and Stage 2 Capital have identified Taclia’s strong potential, encouraging us to continue working to make our platform the perfect ally for businesses—easy-to-use and fully customizable.” 

The platform offers a user-friendly alternative that covers all areas of business and replaces manual processes, thereby saving time and increasing sales. The platform provides functionalities such as task and service management, schedule and time tracking, customer tracking, budget and invoice creation, real-time location, and more. 

The platform also features a fully customizable interface, which allows users to tailor the software to their needs. With over 500 new customers per week, Taclia’s development is driven by product-led growth, the company claims. 

Company: Taclia

Raised: €6.2M

Round: Unknown 

Funding Month: April 2023

Lead Investors: Cusp Capital and Stage 2 Capital

Additional Investors: 

Company Website: https://www.taclia.com/

Software Category: Digital Management Platform

About the Company: Founded by Alex Casals, Taclia developed a solution that digitizes daily management processes. Taclia offers features such as the creation and tracking of all services and tasks, timekeeping for workers, CRM, quotes and bills, inventory, cost control, geolocation, and much more. Taclia’s SaaS platform is tailored to SMEs and covers all relevant functions, from scheduling to invoicing. They empower service businesses with task and service management, CRM, project management, team management, supplier communication, billing and quoting, mobile connectivity, marketing tools, and reporting.

Source: https://siliconcanals.com/news/startups/spanish-based-taclia-bags-6-2m/

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