SynMax Raises $6 Million in Seed Round  

by Kay Aloha Villamor in November 30th, 2022

SynMax, a Houston, Texas-based satellite data analytics company that specializes in the use of commercial satellite images, announced that it closed $6 million in Seed funding, an oversubscription of $2 million. 100% of the investment came directly from SynMax customers. 

The seed round was led by Bill Perkins, founder and Managing Partner of Skylar Capital.

The start-up will use this funding to expand its team to continue building its suite of energy products and advance the development of its maritime domain awareness product.

The SynMax Energy product suite, launched in May 2022, harnesses SynMax’s AI to provide the most accurate and timely energy intelligence on the market. 

SynMax Maritime is launching Theia in early 2023, a maritime domain awareness platform that employs data fusion to deliver unparalleled actionable intelligence around dark ships and their activities.

Company: SynMax 

Raised: $6.0M

Round: Seed Round

Funding Month: November 2022

Lead Investors: Bill Perkins

Additional Investors: SynMax customers

Company Website:

Software Category: Satellite Data Analytics

About the Company: SynMax is a geospatial intelligence SaaS company that has adopted a cutting-edge approach to providing unrivaled intelligence product suites for the energy and maritime industries. SynMax specializes in the use of commercial satellite images to find and monitor oil and gas assets and provide maritime intelligence data. Using advanced machine learning on satellite data and space-based imagery to provide broad-perspective intelligence in the energy and maritime sectors. SynMax’s AI, informed by industry experts and data scientists, fuses earth observation imagery and key data sources to provide comprehensive ground truths, not predictions.


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