Swarmer Secures Funding Round

by Kay Aloha Villamor in November 17th, 2023

Swarmer, a Delaware, USA-based AI startup focused on simplifying drone operations through AI, has secured funding.

SaaS Investors

The investment was from the D3 VC fund and accelerator.

D3 is an early-stage fund and accelerator for defense tech startups. It offers equity investment, extensive mentorship by the world's leading defense tech professionals, facilitated cooperation with the Armed Forces of Ukraine, as well as fundraising support. Founded in 2023, and is based in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Swarmer Use of Funds

The company plans to use the funds to accelerate the development and deployment of the AI Flight Control Center across various industries.

About Swarmer

Founded by Serhii Kuprienko and Alex Fink in May 2023, Swarmer is a technology company that specializes in software for managing drone swarm missions. Swarmer's flagship product, AI Copilot, enhances drone capabilities by managing swarm missions with just a single operator. Its AI Mission Control Center enables operators to handle challenging or dispersed areas with one drone while the rest of the swarm operates semi-autonomously. Its mission is to shape a future where autonomous drone missions redefine the possible, empowering individuals and organizations to transcend conventional boundaries. The company is headquartered in Delaware, USA.

Funding Details

Company: Swarmer

Raised: Undisclosed

Round: Unknown

Funding Month: November 2023

Lead Investors: D3 VC fund and accelerator

Additional Investors:

Company Website: https://getswarmer.com/

Software Category: Drone Platform

Source: https://ain.capital/2023/11/16/ukrainian-swarmer-secures-funding-from-d3/

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