Sonio Raises €10 Million in Funding

by Kay Aloha Villamor December 28th, 2022

Sonio, a Paris-based company, has raised €10 million through the European Innovation Council (EIC) Accelerator, a fund that aids deep tech businesses in Europe.

Sonio’s current funding total consists of an equity investment of €7.5M and a grant of €2.5M. This investment is made in addition to the €5 million the company previously raised in June 2022 through Elaia, OneRagtime, and Bpi France.

The funding is intended to speed up the release of new platform features such as embedded image recognition and genomics. The funds will also be used by the company to hasten commercial development in the USA and Europe.

“Receiving such significant funding from one of the most competitive accelerators in the world is a testament to the innovation Sonio brings to fetal medicine,” said Cécile Brosset, Chief Executive Officer and co-Founder of Sonio. « Our hard work has been fruitful. I am now more confident than ever that we can help secure pregnancy care worldwide with collective and artificial intelligence.”

The company provides a unique AI program that combines the knowledge of prenatal medicine practitioners with various types of medical, imaging, genetic, and environmental data to maximize prenatal screening and diagnosis.

Company: Sonio SAS

Raised: €10.M

Round: Unknown

Funding Month: December 2022

Lead Investors: European Innovation Council Accelerator

Additional Investors:

Company Website:

Software Category: Pregnancy Care

About the Company: Founded in 2020, Sonio is the only SaaS platform that empowers healthcare professionals to secure prenatal care by combining technological innovation, medical expertise, and collective intelligence. It provides a unique piece of artificial intelligence software that associates the knowledge of prenatal medicine practitioners with all types of medical, imaging, genetic, and environmental data to optimize prenatal screening and diagnosis. Sonio aims to improve access to and quality of care for pregnant women and children. It is currently being used by 150 healthcare professionals in Europe. The Sonio team is supported daily by a team of doctors and midwives in France and Europe. The products are built in collaboration with doctors and midwives, to be as close as possible to their needs. Sonio believes in collective intelligence to develop the best products for fetal ultrasound.


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