Softr Raises $13.5 Million in Series A  

by Kay Aloha Villamor in January 24th, 2022

Softr, a Berlin, Germany-based startup that built a no-code platform to enable anybody to build websites and web apps based on data housed in Airtable, raised $13.5 Million in Series A.

The round was led by FirstMarket Capital and participated by 35+ amazing angels. AtlanticLabs, which put capital into the company previously also participated.

The company intends to expand the sorts of databases that can be leveraged to create apps using its software. It also intends to create a marketplace for both components (to extend what Softr can do beyond official capabilities), and templates (whole-cloth apps out of the box, by our understanding).

Company: Softr Platforms GmbH

Raised: $13.5M

Round: Series A

Funding Month: January 2022

Lead Investors: FirstMarket Capital

Additional Investors: AtlanticLabs

Company Website:

Software Category: Website Builder Software

About the Company: Founded in 2019, Softr is an incredible web development solution that helps users generate code-free websites, portals, or web apps on Airtatble in 10 minutes. Users with no design or coding skills can utilize this software to get started with stunning and dynamic web applications. More than 60 pre-designed responsive building blocks are available within Softr, helping users kickstart their application development process. Within Softr, developers can search, view, and filter their application data. The company has 30,000 registered users today and has more than 1,000 paying customers. 



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