Skydweller Aero Raises $40 Million in Series A   

by Kay Aloha Villamor in September 13th, 2021

Skydweller Aero Inc., an Oklahoma City OK–based aerospace company, raised $40 million in Series A funding.

The round was led by Leonardo S.p.A, Marlinspike Capital, and Advection Growth Capital.

The company intends to use the funds to accelerate the development and maturation of its autonomous systems technology, to be applied during flight testing for current and prospective customers, begin designing and manufacturing air vehicles, and complete its information and intelligence collection service offerings.

Company: Skydweller Aero Inc.

Raised: $40.0M

Round: Series A

Funding Month: September 2021

Lead Investors: Leonardo S.p.A, Marlinspike Capital, and Advection Growth Capital

Additional Investors:

Company Website:

Software Category: Solar-powered aircraft solutions

About the Company: Led by CEO Dr. Robert Miller, Skydweller is an aerospace company developing solar-powered aircraft for defense and commercial industries. With a flexible payload system, including communications relay, 4G/5G cellular, day/night full-motion video, satellite communication, imaging radar, and more, the company will enhance commercial and government telecommunication, geospatial, meteorological, and emergency operation efforts around the world, allowing customers to operate persistently in more challenging areas for longer durations while reducing environmental impact. The company recently announced its first public contract award with the U.S. Navy’s Naval Air Systems Comment (NAVAIR) for over $5m to demonstrate the capabilities and performance of their zero-carbon emission solution for long-endurance flights. This round also marks a critical partnership with Palantir Technologies, a publicly traded U.S. company that builds enterprise data platforms for use by organizations with complex and sensitive data environments. Skydweller will use Palantir’s Foundry platform, which provides analytics tools to process information at scale and on the edge, to combine vast amounts of complex data.


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