SINAI Technologies Raises $22 Million in Series A  

by Kay Aloha Villamor in September 28th, 2022

SINAI Technologies, a San Francisco, CA-based decarbonization intelligence platform for reducing carbon emissions, announces $22 million in Series A funding as it plans to build even more accurate, collaborative software and continue its international expansion. To date, SINAI has secured $37 million in total funding. 

Energize Ventures led the round, joined by Stardust Equity, HighSage, and other unnamed external investors, as well as existing investors such as Obvious Ventures, Valo Ventures, Afore, and High Alpha. Presidio Ventures, NEC Translink Capital, and Singtel Innov8 also participated in the round.

"Every day, we're seeing more companies commit to net-zero goals without a clear plan for getting there," says Maria Fujihara, Founder, and CEO. "SINAI is helping them with creating a plan. We believe that industry leaders with more reliable data and better collaboration can reach net zero by 2050 (or even before!) and prosper in a low-carbon economy. We are grateful for the support of our investors, but mostly for our customers who are interested in having clear and achievable pathways to reach their net-zero goals."

In addition to international expansion, this funding will enable SINAI Technologies to accelerate the development of its Decarbonization Intelligence platform by adding to best-in-class analytical capabilities that make it easier for customers to manipulate data, share it, and take action.

As a first step, SINAI Technologies is releasing an integration with Tableau that will give customers powerful new ways to visualize their data. SINAI also plans to add to its team of climate experts to meet the future needs of its customers. 

Company: SINAI Technologies Inc.

Raised: $22.0M

Round: Series A

Funding Month: September 2022

Lead Investors: Energize Ventures

Additional Investors: Stardust Equity, HighSage, Obvious Ventures, Valo Ventures, Afore, High Alpha, Presidio Ventures, NEC Translink Capital, and Singtel Innov8

Company Website:

Software Category: Decarbonization Intelligence Platform

About the Company: SINAI Technologies is a San Francisco-based technology company focused on automating how companies monitor, price, analyze risk and reduce carbon emissions worldwide. SINAI Technologies is a decarbonization intelligence platform to help organizations build decarbonization strategies. Its decarbonization platform enables more intelligent carbon emission measurement, reporting, mitigation, and scenario analysis for organizations using science-based methodologies. Its mission is to provide organizations with the technology necessary to build deep decarbonization strategies. SINAI Technologies, launched in North America, now has customers from 20+ industries and users in 60+ countries spanning Europe, Asia, and Latin America. As SINAI increases its international presence, it attracts investors from Asia and engages major new clients from Brazil to Japan.



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