Senzai Raises $2 Million in Pre-Seed Round

by Kay Aloha Villamor in May 15th, 2023

Senzai, a Mexico-based startup that developed enterprise software designed to help improve campaign performance, raised $2 million in a pre-seed funding round led by ALLVP to prepare for its official launch by the end of 2023.

The startup has been working on developing its minimum viable product (MVP) with its initial clients and plans to utilize the new funding to expand the product and achieve product-market fit.

“I thought there was a huge opportunity to bring some of these learnings of how AI could be implemented into companies in Latin America because they are still focusing on building tools rather than solving problems,” said Senzai’s co-founder Julian Lopez-Portillo.

The company’s technology focuses on measuring impact, experimentation, and optimization to improve the outcomes of sales and marketing campaigns.

Company: Senzai

Raised: $2.0M

Round: Pre-Seed Round

Funding Month: May 2023

Lead Investors: ALLVP

Additional Investors:

Company Website:

Software Category: AI Optimization

About the Company: Founded by Julian Lopez-Portillo and Darren Timmins, Senzai is a software company that provides AI optimization tools to Latin American companies to guide them to the right customers. The company uses machine-learning and causal inference techniques to estimate the impact of different treatments on expected customer outcomes. The company's services include retention services and sales services, enabling clients to acquire more customers through campaigns.


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