Reo.Dev Secures $1.2 Million in Pre-Seed Funding

by Kay Aloha Villamor in February 29th, 2024

Reo.Dev, an India-based revenue intelligence firm for developer-focused GTM, secured $1.2 million in pre-seed funding.  

SaaS Investors  

The round was led by India Quotient. Angel investors from developer infrastructure, including Adam Frankl and Savin Goyal, also participated. 

Founded in 2012, India Quotient is a venture capital firm based in Mumbai, India. The firm prefers to invest in companies operating in the fintech, edtech, health tech, consumer brands, consumer internet, social networks, hardware, logistics, marketplaces, software as a service, online-first brands, services, and business-to-business sectors.  

About Reo.Dev  

Founded by Achintya Gupta, Gaurav Jain, and Piyush Agarwal, Reo.Dev is building an AI-powered marketing stack for developer-focused companies. It decodes millions of developer activities and intent signals to help developer-focused companies uncover their hidden sales funnel and learn which are the organizations where developers are evaluating their products right now.  

Funding Details  

Company: ReoDotDev, Inc.  

Raised: $1.2M                    

Round: Pre-Seed  

Funding Month: February 2024                                                         

Lead Investors: India Quotient   

Additional Investors: Adam Frankl and Savin Goyal  

Company Website:   

Software Category: Developer Solutions  

Source: Ankur Joshi  


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