Red Kubes Secures $1.2 Million in Seed Round Extension  

by Kay Aloha Villamor in February 14th, 2023

Red Kubes, an Utrecht, Netherlands-based creator of Otomi, a production-ready platform for Kubernetes, secured $1.2 million in a seed extension funding round from Capital Mills.

Red Kubes will continue to deliver more value for developers in automating application delivery, moving forward in their mission of accelerating apps into production. 

The funds will be used to accelerate sales and marketing efforts and further the development and evolution of the platform.

This funding will also allow Red Kubes to grow and expedite the company’s vision, in turn allowing for more clients to get quicker outcomes when using Kubernetes. 

The startup also announced the appointment of Rouven Besters as Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

“I could not be more excited for what lies ahead within our ecosystem. Companies are recognizing the challenges of operationalizing Kubernetes. The Red Kubes team has done a stellar job in building a mature product that addresses these challenges. For Red Kubes, the opportunity to support customers in accelerating outcomes from Kubernetes only becomes bigger. While almost every company will be going after the opportunities of Kubernetes, they will also be presented with a dilemma, and Red Kubes is ideally positioned to help solve that dilemma”, said Rouven Besters, newly appointed CEO of Red Kubes.

Red Kubes focused on the development of Otomi, a first-of-its-kind platform to deliver automation, integration, and configuration of all the required capabilities to use Kubernetes in production out-of-the-box. 

Company: Red Kubes B.V.

Raised: $1.2M

Round: Seed Round Extension

Funding Month: February 2023

Lead Investors: Capital Mills

Additional Investors:

Company Website:

Software Category: Kubernetes-based Container Platform Solution

About the Company: Founded in 2019 by Sander Rodenhuis and Maurice Faber, Red Kubes is a Kubernetes-based container platform that is the first out-of-the-box solution dealing with the adoption of Kubernetes. The company's platform integrates tools and combines them with automation and self-service to make it available as a single deployment solution, enabling clients to make application development and deployment while simplifying operations. Red Kubes' Otomi container platform guarantees business leaders infrastructure predictability, product scalability, fast product-to-market, and secure operations. Otomi enables a full platform experience for Kubernetes with an intuitive desktop-like user interface and ready-to-use pre-configured built-in applications to offer an out-of-the-box experience. Red Kubes is based in Utrecht, the Netherlands.


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