Qantev Raises €10 Million in Series A  

by Kay Aloha Villamor in October 25th, 2022

Qantev, a Paris, France-based AI InsurTech focused on healthcare, raised €10 million in a Series A funding, bringing Qantev’s total raised to €11.7 million.

The round was led by Omnes and Raise Ventures, with the existing investor Elaia following on.

The funds will be used to press forward with the startup’s global expansion plans and hire additional AI and engineering talent.

“The many hard technical challenges that we face to help insurers bring more value to their members have pushed us to build the most possibly talented team. We could not get by with baseline approaches, and we have a structural need to constantly beat the state of the art within the whole AI and Machine Learning spectrum,” commented Qantev co-founder and CTO Hadrien De March.

Qantev uses some powerful AI-driven solutions. By enhancing the quality of their data, streamlining health claims management, optimizing healthcare networks, and assisting with waste, abuse, or fraud.

Company: Qantev SAS

Raised: €10.0M

Round: Series A

Funding Month: October 2022

Lead Investors: Omnes and Raise Ventures

Additional Investors: Elaia

Company Website:

Software Category: Smart claims platform for augmented insurance

About the Company: Qantev was co-founded in Paris in 2019 by machine learning and mathematics experts with a background in insurance and finance, motivated to take breakthroughs in AI and mathematical optimization into the real world. Qantev develops artificial intelligence for health insurance operations. Its technology provides critical insights to ops teams, from network to case management. Qantev makes a difference by helping insurers deliver higher-quality services with more affordable premiums to hundreds of thousands of members worldwide. Qantev helps clients focus on decision-making, not data engineering. Its software enables health insurance operations to achieve excellence and is being used by leading health insurance brands in multiple countries.


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