Launches with $6 Million Seed Funding  

by Kay Aloha Villamor in February 21st, 2022, a Tel Aviv, Israel-based full-stack authorization framework helping developers bake access control into their cloud-native applications in minutes, launches out of stealth with $6 million in seed funding. 

The round was led by the venture capital firm NFX with follow-up investment from Rainfall Ventures, as well as a long list of angel investors from industry veterans including Amir Jerbi, CTO and Co-Founder of Aqua Security; Cheryl Hung, Engineering Manager at Apple and former VP of Ecosystem at the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF); Danny Grander, Co-Founder of Snyk; Idan Tendler, CEO & Co-Founder of Bridgecrew; John Kodumal, CTO & Co-Founder of LaunchDarkly; Nitzan Shapira, CEO & Co-Founder of Epsagon and more.

Company: Permit Inc.

Raised: $6.0M

Round: Seed Round

Funding Month: February 2022

Lead Investors: NFX

Additional Investors: Amir Jerbi, Cheryl Hung, Danny Grander, Idan Tendler, John Kodumal, and Nitzan Shapira

Company Website:

Software Category: Full Stack Permissions as a Service

About the Company: Co-founded by Or Weis, former CEO and Co-Founder of Rookout; and Asaf Cohen, former software engineer at Facebook and Microsoft. provides a full-stack authorization framework to help other companies build permissions systems into their products. is built on top of the open-source project OPAL, also created by Or Weis and Asaf Cohen, which acts as the administration layer for the popular Open Policy Agent (OPA). Permit empowers developers to bake in permissions and access-control into any product in minutes and takes away the pain of constantly rebuilding them.


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