Orum Raises $22 Million in Series B  

by Kay Aloha Villamor in November 8th, 2022


Orum, a San Francisco, CA-based startup that leverages AI to detect voicemails, filter out bad numbers, and navigate phone directories to get reps into live conversations, announced that it raised $22 million in Series B funding.

The round was led by Tribe Capital, with additional investment from Craft Ventures and Unusual Ventures. Bringing Orum’s total raised to date to over $50 million.

The additional capital will allow Orum to continue to invest in its product capabilities, expand its team, and enable more conversations for organizations of all sizes.

“For business-to-business customers, having time for meaningful, live conversations is paramount to a successful sales process. However, there’s no value for a business in having your high-price sales reps spend their day listening to the phone ring, navigating dial-by-name directories, and manually dropping voicemails,” Jason Dorfman, co-founder, and CEO of Orum said. “Orum enables teams to make hundreds of calls in just minutes while helping automate lead data and improve it over time.”

The company bills itself as a “live conversation” platform that helps sales reps connect with prospects while automating some of the more tedious parts of the sales development process.

Company: Orum Inc.

Raised: $22.0M

Round: Series B

Funding Month: November 2022

Lead Investors: Tribe Capital

Additional Investors: Craft Ventures and Unusual Ventures

Company Website: https://www.orum.com/

Software Category: Live Conversation Platform

About the Company: Founded in 2018 by Jason Dorfman and Karthik ViswanathanOrum is a live conversation platform that enables sales teams of all sizes to have more conversations, book more meetings, and drive more pipelines, all while increasing sales rep satisfaction. Orum leverages AI to detect, identify, and connect with sales prospects by automatically navigating time sinks like phone trees. It allows for calling multiple numbers in parallel, automatically marking dispositions and call outcomes in your CRM, and most importantly, helping you speak with more prospective clients. Orum is a fully remote company that currently employs 130 people. 

Source: https://techcrunch.com/2022/11/02/orum-raises-22m-to-inject-ai-into-the-sales-prospecting-process/

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