Omneky Raises $7 Million in Seed Round Extension  

by Kay Aloha Villamor in November 16th, 2022

Omneky, a San Francisco, CA-based AI-driven marketing platform, announced that it secured over $7 million in a seed round extension, bringing the company's total seed round funding to $10 million.

The investments were from technologist John Donovan as well as venture capital firms Orbit Ventures and Ethos.

This funding will allow Omneky to further invest in platform updates and build upon the company's current position as a first mover in the AI generative ad space.

"Since founding Omneky, my goal has been to be the category-defining generative AI company," said Hikari Senju, founder, and CEO of Omneky. "We are fortunate to have the support of industry leaders who have entrusted capital in our company to scale our B2B SAAS platform and to build the system of record for generative content and data-driven design."

It recently announced that it now offers personalized prompts for image generation by combining the power of GPT-3 and marketing data. 

Omneky currently generates personalized ads for more than 100 clients across LinkedIn, Reddit, Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, programmatic TV, CTV, and more.

Company: Omneky, Inc.

Raised: $7.0M

Round: Seed Round Extension

Funding Month: November 2022

Lead Investors: 

Additional Investors: John Donovan, Orbit Ventures, and Ethos

Company Website:

Software Category: AI Advertising Platform

About the Company: Founded by technology entrepreneur, Hikari Senju, Omneky is an AI advertising platform that generates personalized content at scale. Omneky utilizes state-of-the-art deep learning to generate and optimize advertising creatives across all digital channels. The platform's AI can quickly determine what creatives are resonating among consumers and adjust current messaging to make content more meaningful to further drive engagement. Omneky's AI analyzes which designs and messages are resonating with prospective customers and uses these insights to generate ads most likely to drive engagement. Its mission is to empower human creativity and democratize growth with AI. With the help of Omneky's software and ad management system, Omneky's clients see an average 2.7x return on ad spend. 


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