NeuBird Raises $22 Million in Seed Round

by Kay Aloha Villamor in April 18th, 2024

NeuBird, a San Francisco, CA-based cloud-based generative operations platform for enterprises, has secured $22 million in seed funding. 


The round was led by Mayfield. 

Mayfield is an early-stage VC firm investing in the enterprise, deeptech, and human and planetary health companies. The firm invests in new companies at the inception and early stages, primarily Seed, Series A, and Series B. 

NeuBird Use of Funds 

The funding will primarily be allocated towards enhancing NeuBird's technology stack, expanding its team, and scaling its operations to meet growing market demand. Specifically, the funds will fuel the development of their AI ITOps engineer, Hawkeye, enabling it to offer even more advanced capabilities in real-time issue identification and resolution. Additionally, investments will be made in research and development to continuously improve the platform's performance and functionality. 

About NeuBird 

Founded by Goutham Rao and Vinod Jayaraman, NeuBird is a company that leverages generative AI for IT operations to address the scarcity of skilled human talent in keeping up with an increasingly complex modern technology stack. Its flagship technology, Hawkeye, leverages generative AI to empower IT, DevOps, and site reliability teams to swiftly identify and resolve software and infrastructure issues in real-time. NeuBird's platform is designed to streamline IT operations, enabling businesses to make critical decisions faster and accelerate the adoption and deployment of new technologies without disruption. By simplifying complex data analysis and offering actionable insights in real-time, NeuBird empowers companies to innovate faster and more effectively. 

Funding Details 

Company: NeuBird, Inc. 

Raised: $22.0M 

Round: Seed Round 

Funding Month: April 2024 

Lead Investors: Mayfield 

Company Website: 

Software Category: IT Operations Platform 


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