London-based Biotech Baccuico Announces $3.8M Seed Round and Name Change to Bactobio  

by Kay Aloha Villamor in October 7th, 2021

Baccuico, a London-based biotechnology company, has completed a $3.8M seed round to support its mission to discover novel solutions from previously unculturable soil bacteria. 

With this round, Baccuico builds on an already stellar network of investors acting as advisors - including Peder Holk Nielsen (Former CEO & President, Novozymes), Leopoldo Zambeletti (Former Head of Healthcare, JP Morgan), Jonathan Milner (Founder, Abcam), and Claudio Costamagna (Former Chairman, Goldman Sachs (EMEA)) - with expertise in the agritech sector through the addition of Hugh Grant (Former Chairman & CEO, Monsanto).

Baccuico is also pleased to announce that it will be changing its name to Bactobio. This change is being made to better capture the essence of the Company’s technology and vision as they continue to grow.

Company: Baccuico

Raised: $3.8.0M

Round: Seed round

Funding Month: October 2021

Lead Investors: 

Additional Investors: Peder Holk Nielsen, Leopoldo Zambeletti, Jonathan Milner, and Claudio Costamagna

Company Website:

Software Category: Bacterial Community Cultivation platform

About the Company: Bactobio has developed a platform to culture the 99% of soil bacteria that have previously not been culturable in the laboratory and uncover valuable secondary metabolites they produce. Our proprietary technology combines microbiology with bioinformatics and machine learning to iteratively expand our access to novel species with the potential to produce novel solutions across healthcare, agriculture, and industrials markets: our first target is the growing antibiotic resistance crisis. Baccuico uses next-generation sequencing, machine learning, and cutting-edge cultivation techniques to harvest biological dark matter and applying them to medical and industrial applications.


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