LionRocket Raises $5.5 Million in Series A  

by Kay Aloha Villamor in January 4th, 2022

LionRocket, a Seoul, Korea-based AI video generation startup making its way to revolutionize customer experiences with their digital human technology, raised $5.5 million in Series A funding. 

The round was led by ID Ventures, Daesung Private Equity, Harang Invest, IBK Industrial Bank of Korea, and an existing investor, T Investment.

LionRocket plan to extend more virtual avatar selections and provide multilingual support for global use, allowing users to have more access to models with various tones and emotions.

Company: LionRocket Inc.

Raised: $5.5M

Round: Series A

Funding Month: December 2021

Lead Investors: ID Ventures, Daesung Private Equity, Harang Invest, IBK Industrial Bank of Korea, and T Investment

Additional Investors: 

Company Website:

Software Category: AI digital human video platform

About the Company: LionRocket specializes in deep-learning-based voice and video synthesis to create digital humans, also known as ‘virtual humans’ or ‘artificial humans. Currently, the company operates a B2C service called OnAir Studio ( to help content creators experience LionRocket’s digital human platform. By simply typing in text, creators can generate video spoken by a realistic digital human. LionRocket aims to reinvent the video content market by integrating digital humans into the content creation process allowing content creators to automate any time-consuming manual process. The platform also contains a big selection of synthetic voices to choose from. Hence, cameras and microphones are needless in the video production process as digital humans will replace the tiresome routine.






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