Lilli Secures Over €9.5 Million in Series A

by Kay Aloha Villamor in February 12th, 2024

Lilli, a UK-based SaaS company specializing in proactive lifestyle monitoring technology for revolutionizing care, secured over €9.5 million in Series A financing.

SaaS Investors

Led by West Hill Capital.

Founded in 2014, West Hill Capital is a private equity firm based in London, United Kingdom. The firm prefers to invest in the financial services and technology sectors.

Lilli Use of Funds

The new financing will accelerate Lilli's scale-up across the public and private health and care sectors, driven by growing demand for its technology. The funds will also enable the company to explore deeper avenues into AI insights and reporting and support Lilli in launching a friends and family version of the app.

About Lilli

Lilli is a developer of multi-sensor remote monitoring technology designed to empower people to live independently, safely, and happily within their homes. Lilli is pioneering the shift from a reactive to a proactive care model. Through smart, non-intrusive technology and proprietary AI and machine learning (LLM), Lilli observes patterns and trends among users to equip care workers with clear and accurate insights into wellbeing and what is happening in the home. The technology is already helping to alleviate the resource and financial pressures in the broader health and social care system in the UK.

Funding Details

Company: Intelligent Lilli Limited

Raised: €9.5M+

Round: Series A

Funding Month: February 2024

Lead Investors: West Hill Capital

Additional Investors: 

Company Website: 

Software Category: Proactive Lifestyle Monitoring


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