Isometric Technologies Raises $15 Million in Series A  

by Kay Aloha Villamor in September 14th, 2022

Isometric Technologies, Inc. (ISO), a San Francisco, CA-based supply chain performance management platform, announced the completion of a $15 million Series A financing round. 

The round was led by Blackhorn Ventures and joined by Maersk Growth. 

"This Series A investment further validates our hypothesis that the supply chain needs a neutral, 3rd-party arbiter of performance data," said ISO CEO and Co-Founder Brian Cristol.

With the successful completion of financing, Isometric Technologies will be able to scale its sales and engineering teams to meet demand. The funds will also be used to expand product offerings that will drive efficiencies throughout the supply chain ecosystem.

Company: Isometric Technologies, Inc.

Raised: $15.0M

Round: Series A

Funding Month: September 2022

Lead Investors: Blackhorn Ventures 

Additional Investors: Maersk Growth

Company Website:

Software Category: Freight Transportation Performance Management Software

About the Company: Isometric Technologies was founded in 2020 to address a gap in the market for reliable, verified freight transportation performance data. The company has built the first collaborative SaaS platform to digitize the carrier scorecarding process that streamlines the data reconciliation process between manufacturers, transportation providers, and other third-party stakeholders in the supply chain, acting as a single source of truth to measure the hidden costs of performance. By associating costs from chargebacks and service level failures with the responsible parties, ISO surfaces actionable insights that help optimize complex business relationships and identify negative trends in the supply chain.


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