iPronics Raises €3.7 Million in Funding

by Kay Aloha Villamor July 29th, 2022

iPronics, a Valencia, Spain-based pioneering photonic computing company that has developed the first general-purpose photonic processor that is reconfigurable by software, has announced a €3.7 million investment.

The round was led by Amadeus Capital Partners, with participation from Caixa Capital Risc.

The capital will be used to expand the engineering team and product development to bring to market the company’s Field Programmable Photonic Gate Array (FPPGA) chip.

Company: iPronics 

Raised: €3.7M


Funding Month: July 2022

Lead Investors: Amadeus Capital Partners

Additional Investors: Caixa Capital Risc

Company Website: https://ipronics.com/

Software Category: photonic computing

About the Company: iPronics is making the computational power of photonics commercially affordable. They have pioneered the field of programmable photonics and developed the first general-purpose photonic processor capable of programming high-speed light signals on a chip with unprecedented flexibility. iPronics processors share a common hardware platform that is reconfigurable by software. This cost-effective solution enables the same hardware to be applied to limitless commercial applications with a voracious appetite for computational power, including 5G communication, data centers, artificial intelligence, autonomous driving, quantum computing, and IoT.

Source: https://ipronics.com/ipronics-raises-e3-7-million-to-accelerate-the-adoption-of-programmable-photonic-chips/

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