Hume AI Raises $50 Million in Series B

by Kay Aloha Villamor in March 28th, 2024

Hume AI, a New York-based startup and research lab specializing in artificial intelligence optimized for human wellbeing, completed a $50 million Series B funding round.  


The round was led by EQT Ventures, with participation from Union Square Ventures, Nat Friedman & Daniel Gross, Metaplanet, Northwell Holdings, Comcast Ventures, and LG Technology Ventures. 

Founded in 2015, EQT Ventures is a venture capital firm based in Stockholm, Sweden, investing primarily in Europe. The firm prefers to invest in seed-stage, early-stage, and later-stage companies operating in the information technology and SaaS sectors across Europe and the United States. 

In conjunction with the fundraising, Hume AI has introduced a beta version of its flagship product: an Empathic Voice Interface (EVI). This emotionally intelligent conversational AI, trained on data from millions of human interactions, can understand users' cues to predict preferences and generate vocal responses optimized for user satisfaction. 

About Hume AI 

Founded by Dr. Alan Cowen, Hume AI is a research lab and technology company that has developed an advanced API toolkit for measuring human emotional expression. The company offers a toolkit that uses AI to understand and measure human emotional expression in various forms such as images, videos, audio, and text, with the aim of aligning technology with human well-being. This toolkit is already utilized across various industries, including robotics, customer service, healthcare, user research, and more. Hume’s goal is to enable a future in which technology draws on an understanding of human emotion to better serve human goals.  

Funding Details                  

Company: Hume AI, Inc.  

Raised: $50.0M         

Round: Series B       

Funding Month: March 2024                 

Lead Investors: EQT Ventures   

Additional Investors: Union Square Ventures, Nat Friedman & Daniel Gross, Metaplanet, Northwell Holdings, Comcast Ventures, LG Technology Ventures

Company Website:  

Software Category: Emotional Intelligence  


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