HumanFirst Raises $5 Million CAD in Seed Round

by Kay Aloha Villamor in July 31st, 2023

HumanFirst, a Montreal, Canada-based provider of low-code data productivity solutions, raised $5 million CAD in seed funding (accumulated over three smaller safe-note financing rounds).

The round was led by Panache Ventures, with participation from Inovia, Real Ventures, and BoxOne Ventures, along with a prominent group of angel investors, including Kevin Mahaffey.

The new funding will drive the company's mission to unlock the untapped potential of conversational data and turn it into business and artificial intelligence insights, fostering enterprise teams to collaborate, innovate, and better understand their conversational data at scale.

HumanFirst's solutions have already been benefiting businesses, including Intelcom, Canada's last-mile delivery leader. By leveraging HumanFirst's platform and AI trainers, clients can simplify the process of identifying trends and opportunities in conversational data, even without extensive technical expertise.

"The no-code movement is a profound shift in the software industry, empowering those without formal programming knowledge to create their own applications," said Gregory Whiteside, Co-Founder and CEO of HumanFirst. "We are providing an essential bridge to this new reality by unlocking the potential of conversational data, which is difficult to understand and make useful. This funding will fuel our journey, allowing us to enhance our offerings and address our clients' evolving needs."

With the new funding, HumanFirst intends to double its workforce and triple its customer base by the year 2024.

Company: HumanFirst, Inc.

Raised: $ 5.0M CAD

Round: Seed Round

Funding Month: July 2023

Lead Investors: Panache Ventures

Additional Investors: Inovia, Real Ventures, BoxOne Ventures, and Kevin Mahaffey

Company Website:

Software Category: Low-Code Data Productivity Solutions

About the Company: HumanFirst provides low-code data productivity solutions, helping enterprise teams collaborate and launch AI products and experiences. The company's platform allows enterprise teams to collaborate, innovate, and gain a better understanding of their conversational data at scale. Their technology turns unstructured conversational data into actionable business insights, empowering businesses to better serve their customers.


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