HPC-AI Tech Completes $6 Million in Funding  

by Kay Aloha Villamor in September 16th, 2022


HPC-AI Tech, a Beijing, China-based artificial intelligence high-performance optimization platform, closed $6 million in seed and angel rounds.

The angel round was led by BlueRun Ventures China (BRV China); the funds will be mainly used to bring in more talented teams and expand the business market.

“The digitalization and intelligent industrial transformation and upgrading of various industries are inseparable from the support of high-performance AI." Colossal-AI, a universal deep learning system in the era of large models, is the immediate need of the future AI market. Our solution can help enterprises and users effectively reduce the cost of AI big model training and inference, and empower the intelligent upgrade of the whole industry chain,” said Professor Yang You, founder of HPC-AI Tech.

 The Colossal-AI system, which has just recently been open source, has already received close to 5,000 GitHub Stars and has frequently appeared on the top GitHub Hotlist with users worldwide. In autonomous driving, cloud computing, biotech, chip design, smart retail, etc., it has already built partnerships with numerous reputable manufacturers and open-source communities.

Company: HPC-AI Technology, Inc.

Raised: $6.0M

Round: Seed and Angel Round

Funding Month: September 2022

Lead Investors: BlueRun Ventures China (BRV China)

Additional Investors: 

Company Website: https://www.hpcaitech.com/

Software Category: AI optimization platform

About the Company: HPC-AI Tech is a startup focusing on improving the efficiency of enterprise AI model training and deployment. It has created Colossal-AI, an integrated large-scale model training system with effective parallelization approaches, based on its extensive experience and successes in the sector. By using parallelization approaches, the system can speed up model training on distributed systems with several GPUs. Colossal-AI effectively encourages the use of big AI models in real-world applications and aids businesses in obtaining affordable AI intelligent solutions. HPC-AI Tech has secured ten major clients in just eight months since its launch, including a major automobile. 

Source: https://www.hpcwire.com/off-the-wire/hpc-ai-tech-completes-6m-seed-and-angel-round-financing/


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