HoundDog.ai Raises $3.1 Million in Seed Round

by Kay Aloha Villamor in May 24th, 2024

HoundDog.ai, a San Francisco, CA-based company implementing data security and privacy controls at the code level, raised $3.1 million in seed funding.  

The funding coincides with the general availability of the HoundDog.ai cloud platform, which helps organizations apply data security and privacy controls as developers are writing code.  


The round was led by E14 Fund, Mozilla Ventures, and ex/ante, with support from angel investors.  

E14 Fund is a venture capital firm based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Founded in 2013, the firm focused on startups founded by the MIT community.  

Mozilla Ventures seeks to invest in early-stage startups focusing on the technology sector. Founded in 2022, Mozilla Ventures is a corporate venture capital arm of Mozilla and is based in San Francisco, California.  

Founded in 2022, Ex/ante is a venture capital investment firm based in Brooklyn, New York.  

HoundDog.ai Use of Funds  

The company will use the funds to enhance its cloud platform, providing a comprehensive view of vulnerabilities across code repositories and supporting various programming languages.   

About HoundDog.ai  

HoundDog.ai specializes in data security and privacy controls implemented at the code level. They offer an AI-powered code-scanning platform that detects vulnerabilities and ensures privacy compliance during the software development process. HoundDog.ai leverages generative AI to enhance coverage and accuracy, complementing pre-defined sensitive data definitions.  

Funding Details            

Company: HoundDog.ai, Inc.  

Raised: $3.1M              

Round: Seed Round   

Funding Month: May 2024                     

Lead Investors: E14 Fund, Mozilla Ventures, ex/ante  

Additional Investors:   

Company Website: https://hounddog.ai/  

Software Category: AI Code Scanner  

Source: https://hounddog.ai/press-release-may-22-2024/ 

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