Gardin Raises $10.8 Million in Seed Round  

by Kay Aloha Villamor in December 9th, 2021

Gardin, an Oxford, U.K.-based agricultural technology firm, announced it raised $10.8 million in a seed funding round led by Edel Coen, head of Dealflow at U.K.-based Molten Ventures.

The funding will be used to further expand its product lineup with crop forecasting and nutritional density mapping capabilities while marketing the technology to greenhouses and vertical farms across Europe and North America.

Company: Gardin Ltd

Raised: $10.8M

Round: Seed Round

Funding Month: December 2021

Lead Investors: Edel Coen

Additional Investors: 

Company Website:

Software Category: closed-loop growth & nutritional optimization platform

About the Company: Launched in 2020, the London-headquartered startup aims to optimize food production, using machine learning and remote optical sensors to provide growers with data to determine plant health, instead of traditional farming methods which involve manually assessing or conducting chemical analyses that can be harmful to the produce. At Gardin, its vision is simple, to create a real-world operating system that will power the future of farming by helping food producers deliver superior yields, nutrition, and quality. A complete closed-loop growth & nutritional optimization platform for all crop production. Gardin's state-of-the-art optical remote sensing technology, machine vision, and analytics, allow producers to measure plant physiology and proactively adjust parameters for optimized operations. Gardin enables end-to-end control of the process. Resulting in less waste with increased efficiency, improved margins from higher quality, and healthier consumers from the ability to measure and quantify the nutritional content of our food.




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