FundamentalVR Raises $20 Million in Series B  

by Kay Aloha Villamor in August 15th, 2022

FundamentalVR, a London-based deep IP company working at the intersection of immersive technology (XR), haptics, and machine learning, announced that it raised $20 Million in Series B funding.

The round was led by EQT Life Sciences investing from the LSP Health Economics Fund 2 and joined by prior investors Downing Ventures, Tern Plc, and Sana Kliniken. Bringing the company’s total funding to over $30 million.

The additional funding will allow FundamentalVR for further development of HapticVR, the machine learning data insights offering, as well as geographic expansion throughout the United States. 

As part of the transactions, Drew Burdon of EQT Life Sciences will join the Board of Directors.

Company: FVRVS Limited

Raised: $20.0M

Round: Series B

Funding Month: Aug 2022

Lead Investors: EQT Life Sciences

Additional Investors: Downing Ventures, Tern Plc, and Sana Kliniken

Company Website:

Software Category: Medical Simulation platform

About the Company: Founded in London in 2012, FundamentalVR is a deep IP company working at the intersection of immersive technology (XR), haptics, and machine learning. FundamentalVR is the world’s first scalable medical simulation platform to combine virtual reality and haptics through data, artificial intelligence, and multimodal learning. FundamentalVR is working with the world’s leading data infrastructure companies to push the boundaries of immersive experiences Deployed in over 30 countries, FundamentalVR’s high-fidelity simulations help life sciences, pharmaceutical, and med-device companies deploy medical innovations in disciplines from ophthalmology to robotics, gene therapy, and more. Its mission is to create platforms that revolutionize education, skills acquisition, practice, and the deep data insight that comes from it.


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