Elv.ai Secures €500,000 in Funding

by Kay Aloha Villamor in January 16th, 2024

Elv.ai, a Bratislava, Slovakia-based startup that focuses on creating a safer online environment for debates by combining artificial intelligence (AI) with human moderators, has secured €500,000 in funding.  

SaaS Investors  

The investment was from the Slovak CB ESPRI Impact One fund.   

CB ESPRI Impact One fund is a Slovak fund that supports companies and non-profit organizations with a positive social impact in protecting human rights in education, training, and research of information services.  

About Elv.ai  

Founded by Jakub Šuster, Gabriel Tóth, Ľudovít Ďurman, and Milan Dubec, Elv.ai combines artificial intelligence with human moderators to create a safer internet environment for debates, protecting the credibility of media and public institutions on social networks. The startup has expanded its services to the Czech Republic, where it protects discussions and social networks of Prima TV and the Economia publishing house. Elv.ai monitors and moderates discussions, identifying hateful or disinformation comments, and has recorded over 2.5 million such comments in Slovakia and 504,000 in the Czech Republic.   

Funding Details    

Company: Elv.ai  

Raised: €500K       

Round: Unknown   

Funding Month: January 2024                                       

Lead Investors: CB ESPRI Impact One fund  

Additional Investors:   

Company Website: https://elv.ai/

Software Category: Content Moderation

Source: https://elv.ai/en/aktuality/elv-ai_investment/  


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