Eagle Genomics Raises $20 Million in Funding  

by Kay Aloha Villamor November 3rd, 2022

Eagle Genomics, a Cambridge, UK-based pioneering TechBio platform business applying network science1 to biology, announced that it raised $20 million in the first close of its scale-up funding round. 

The round was led by abrdn plc, with continued participation from existing investors Environmental Technologies Fund and a consortium of investors headed by Granpool Innovative Investments. 

The funds will support scale-up, including the continued development of an AI-augmented knowledge discovery platform, the e[datascientist]™. It will also continue to drive expansion into global markets and deepen client impact.

The e[datascientist] platform enables enterprise customers to trace digital journeys in data, driving transformative innovations, exploiting leading-edge scientific discovery in silico, and supporting differentiated product claims.

Anthony Finbow CEO of Eagle Genomics, said: "We are the pre-eminent platform business using next-generation graph technology and network science to drive the Bioeconomy. We are seeking to support our enterprise customers as they strive to achieve more sustainable and impact-orientated innovation outcomes. The current scale-up funding will enable us to accelerate the Bioeconomy through the digital reinvention of science."

Eagle Genomics continues to mature and expand as the leading TechBio company pioneering the application of network science to biological discovery and innovation across the Food and Nutrition, AgBio, Beauty and Personal Care, and Biopharma industries. 

Company: Eagle Genomics Ltd. 

Raised: $20.0M

Round: Unknown 

Funding Month: November 2022

Lead Investors: abrdn plc

Additional Investors: Environmental Technologies Fund and Granpool Innovative Investments

Company Website: https://www.eaglegenomics.com/

Software Category: TechBio platform

About the Company: Eagle Genomics is the pre-eminent platform business using next-generation graph technology and network science to drive the bioeconomy. Its platform transforms scientists’ journeys to insights, unifying constellations of complex, multi-dimensional data (the data fabric) to explore and extract signals and networks of relationships otherwise not detectable by humans alone. Eagle Genomics' purpose is to accelerate the bioeconomy through the digital reinvention of life sciences R&D. The company is increasingly focused on supporting its customers' aspirations as they address 'One Health' challenges toward more sustainable and impact-oriented innovation and product outcomes. Eagle Genomics is at the vanguard of driving and aligning the emerging big data, AI, and microbiome data standards frameworks required to deliver scientific insight and innovation.

Source: https://www.eaglegenomics.com/news/eagle-genomics-announces-usd-20m-first-close-scale-up-funding-to-accelerate-the-application-of-microbiome-science-for-global-one-health-innovation


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