Dreamdata Raises $6.2 Million in Series A

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Dreamdata, a Copenhagen, Denmark-based B2B SaaS revenue attribution platform for small to midsize B2B companies seeking to stop the guesswork and build, repeat, and scale success, announced that it raised $6.2 million in its Series A funding.

The round was led by Signals.vc, with participation from existing investors, InReach Ventures, Crowberry Capital, Seedcamp, Futuristic.vc, and Preseed Ventures.

The investment is a significant step forward for the team and product, which will continue to grow and evolve to meet the ever-increasing B2B demand for transparency and accountability in their go-to-market.

Dreamdata will use the funds to double down on the platform’s core foundations while expanding its surface area to bring even more insights to B2B go-to-market teams; insights that are becoming increasingly vital as market conditions push B2Bs towards greater efficiencies.

Lars Grønnegaard, CEO at Dreamdata, highlights “B2B companies have a multitude of departments, teams, and data silos, each representing different parts of the truth,” Adding, “Dreamdata is here to help unify, clean, and sort all this data and help our customers grow.” So far, “We’ve helped our customers improve anywhere from 28% to 69% of their B2B ad spend. This improvement stems from them having a radical new transparency into their customer journeys” he added.

With the funding, Dreamdata is now in a prime position to provide B2Bs with ever-increasing insights into what drives their revenue and to draw attention to a category that is well-positioned to meet growing economic uncertainties.

Digital Analytics, Dreamdata's B2B alternative to Google Analytics, was launched. Its Digital Analytics has reached a tipping point for many B2Bs. Regulators, particularly in the EU, are placing a greater emphasis on data privacy compliance. This development has seen EU-based companies having to consider alternative EU-centric web-tracking vendors in order to stay compliant.

Company: Dreamdata.io ApS

Raised: $6.2M

Round: Series A

Funding Month: December 2022

Lead Investors: Signals.vc

Additional Investors: InReach Ventures, Crowberry Capital, Seedcamp, Futuristic.vc, and Preseed Ventures

Company Website: https://dreamdata.io/

Software Category: B2B SaaS Revenue Attribution Platform

About the Company: Founded in 2018 by Lars Grønnegaard, Ole Dallerup, and Steffen Hedebrandt, Dreamdata is a no-code revenue attribution platform that gathers, joins, and cleans all revenue-related data to present a transparent, actionable analysis of what drives B2B revenue. Efficient B2B go-to-market starts with clean, unified, accessible data, Dreamdata offers this transparency by connecting all the pieces of the go-to-market data puzzle to reveal every touch on the B2B customer journey. Its goal is to build a world-class team with maximum flexibility and autonomy to drive its innovation and growth.

Source: https://dreamdata.io/blog/dreamdata-raises-series-a-heres-whats-next

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