Deep Breathe Closes Funding Round  

by Kay Aloha Villamor in February 9th, 2023

Deep Breathe, an Ontario, Canada-based medical technology company focused on revolutionizing lung ultrasound interpretation through artificial intelligence (AI), announced that it closed on a significant external financing round.

The round was led by MAP Equity Investco, an investment firm based in London, Ontario. This investment enables Deep Breathe to expand its ongoing research and development initiatives.

The funds will also accelerate important regulatory approval efforts to bring Deep Breathe's novel technology to market.

Bootstrapped by the founders to date, this financing represents an important milestone for the company and significant validation of Deep Breathe's progress in delivering on its vision.

"We are thrilled to receive this investment and to have the opportunity to bring our groundbreaking suite of AI-powered lung ultrasound applications to the world," said Dr. Robert Arntfield, founder and CEO of Deep Breathe. "With the support of our investors, this technology stands to transform the usage of lung ultrasound, enabling healthcare providers to make decisions with greater speed, accuracy, and objectivity. Deep Breathe is providing the missing link in the wider adoption of point-of-care lung ultrasound."

Deep Breathe technology pairs the utility of lung ultrasound with deep learning algorithms to analyze and interpret ultrasound images, automating the accurate identification of important lung ultrasound findings.

Company: Deep Breathe

Raised: Undisclosed

Round: Unknown

Funding Month: February 2023

Lead Investors: MAP Equity Investco

Additional Investors:

Company Website:

Software Category: Artificially Intelligent Lung Ultrasound

About the Company: Founded by Dr. Rob Arntfield, MD, Deep Breathe is a medical technology company headquartered in London, Ontario that develops deep learning algorithms designed to automate and guide the clinical interpretation of lung ultrasound images. The development of Deep Breathe technology relies on vast quantities of annotated, de-identified clinical data utilized to train its innovative deep learning models. Through exclusive research and data-sharing agreements, Deep Breathe has established the world's largest proprietary archive of expertly-annotated lung ultrasound images, spanning more than a decade of clinical investigations and encompassing millions of images. 

Source: Deep Breathe Press Release

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