Danti Raises $2.75 Million in Pre-Seed Round

by Kay Aloha Villamor in June 22nd, 2023

Danti, an Atlanta, GA-based company specializing in providing users with relevant information about physical places on Earth, raised a $2.75 million Pre-seed funding round.

Tech Square Ventures led the round, with participation from Radius Capital, Philip Krim, Raven One Ventures, Space.VC, Overline, Tareyton Ventures, Jordan Noone, Keith Masback, and Jeff Crusey.

The funding will be utilized to accelerate the development of Danti's search engine technology for deployment with U.S. intelligence and defense customers, as well as commercial partners in the property, insurance, and large-scale infrastructure sectors.

Leveraging state-of-the-art AI and natural language processing (NLP) technologies, Danti enables both expert and non-expert users to ask simple questions and receive highly relevant results.

Along with the funding round, Danti also announced that it has won an open challenge put out by the National Security Innovation Network (NSIN) and sponsored by the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) titled geoSpatial Environment for Access, Retrieval and Content Hosting ("gSEARCH"). 

"Today's market for Earth data is a lot like the early days of the internet—there's a staggering amount of data out there, but it's all siloed and distributed. As a result, this valuable data is only available to experts who know exactly where to look for it and how to piece it together," said Jesse Kallman, CEO and Founder of Danti. "Danti is on a mission to open access to data on physical locations by building the market's first search engine—one that's as easy to use as the popular search engines we all use to surf the web."

Company: Danti

Raised: $2.75M

Round: Pre-Seed Round

Funding Month: June 2023

Lead Investors: Tech Square Ventures

Additional Investors:

Company Website: https://danti.ai/

Software Category: Data Search Engine 

About the Company: Founded in 2023, Danti is the market's first Earth data search engine that enables expert and non-expert users alike to pose simple questions about physical places on our planet and instantly gain access to the breadth of information generated daily by satellites, drones, analytics firms, social media and the like. By incorporating the latest AI tools and decades of experience in different data types, Danti provides highly relevant answers and correlates data sets to user inquiries.

Source: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/danti-raises-2-75-million-in-pre-seed-funding-round-launches-search-engine-for-earth-data-301856612.html

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