Closes $4.99 Million in Series A  

by Kay Aloha Villamor in April 6th, 2023, a Boston, MA-based AI-powered sales outreach automation platform, announced that it closed $4.99 million Series A funding.

The round was led by ScOp Venture Capital, with participation from New York Angels and Beyond Angels. Kevin O'Connor, founder of DoubleClick and Managing Partner at ScOp Venture Capital, is joining's board.

The funds will be used to further invest in the development of generative AI-powered sales automation tools for business-to-consumer companies. The announcement follows on the heels of the company's renaming from MobileMonkey to and its recognition as a fastest-growing Go-To-Market Tool by ICONIQ Capital and G2.

"While sales outreach automation is a popular and proven marketing capability for B2B companies, the use of targeted outbound marketing is an untapped growth opportunity in the B2C marketing space," said founder and CEO, Larry Kim. "There is no better indication that we're on the right track than an investment from ScOp Venture Capital and Kevin O'Connor, a pioneer in this space."'s sales outreach tools and consumer data give businesses the power to run highly targeted marketing campaigns powered by generative-AI email capabilities, displacing reliance on increasingly expensive traditional digital advertising channels.

Company:, Inc.

Raised: $4.99M

Round: Series A

Funding Month: April 2023

Lead Investors: ScOp Venture Capital

Additional Investors: New York Angels and Beyond Angels

Company Website:

Software Category: AI-powered Sales Outreach Automation Platform

About the Company: Founded in 2018 by Larry Kim,'s award-winning B2C sales outreach automation and generative AI prospecting platform enables outbound marketing through easy-to-use automation integrated with consumer data designed for finding and engaging shoppers using thousands of buying-intent and in-market signals. The flagship, proprietary tool, Unicorn X-Ray, provides the contact information of 15-20% of anonymous visitors to a business's website. Their consumer database of over 200 million U.S. consumer contacts augments customer data with thousands of intent-driven buyer characteristics like pet ownership, credit rating, and more.


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