CulturePulse Closes $1 Million in Seed Round

by Kay Aloha Villamor in April 25th, 2023

CulturePulse, a Bratislava, Slovakia-based social media analytics startup that helps businesses communicate with potential customers in a tone that is least likely to cause a negative reaction, closed $1 million in seed funding.

The investment was from Zero Gravity Capital to move the AI software to a SaaS platform while 'expanding the team to bolster the sales efforts and expand to new markets'.

“While most technologies on the market can only function in a small handful of languages, CulturePulse is unique as it works across 100+ languages, covering 99% of digital texts without the need for historical data and training, and models the belief systems that drive human behaviours, versus other products, which only provide sentiment and engagement analysis.," says Dr. Justin E. Lane, CEO of CulturePulse.

“My vision was to draw upon the decades of research in psychology and AI to offer the only AI platform in the world that can be used globally by businesses across every industry, geography, and for every channel imaginable," adds Lane.

CulturePulse’s AI technology was used in research projects such as The Forgiveness project with the Woolf Institute where the research used highly advanced Multi-agent Artificial Intelligence (MAAI).

Company: CulturePulse, Inc.

Raised: $1.0M 

Round: Seed Round

Funding Month: April 2023

Lead Investors: Zero Gravity Capital

Additional Investors:

Company Website:

Software Category: Social Simulation Platform

About the Company: Founded in 2021 by Justin E. Lane, F. LeRon Shults, Brian Swichkow, and Maja Roknic, CulturePulse is a social media analytics company that helps predict messaging engagement based on audience beliefs and values. CulturePulse creates a behavioral and psychological digital twin of an audience that users can test content on for resonance before testing live. It quantifies anger, anxiety, personality, morality, family, friends, finances, inclusivity, racism, hate speech, and 80+ cultural categories. It helps businesses to better understand the needs of customers, based on their real beliefs and motivations. CulturePulse's vision is to revolutionize messaging resonance across customer communication.


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