CodiumAI Raises $11 Million in Seed Round  

by Kay Aloha Villamor in March 23rd, 2023

CodiumAI, a Tel Aviv, Israel-based startup announced the beta release of its generative AI-powered code integrity solution, which assists developers in testing their code interactively, and raised $11 million in seed funding to create its first AI model, TestGPT.

The round was led by Vine Ventures and TLV Partners, with notable angel investors including executives from OpenAI, Snyk, and VMware.

"In the last few months we have witnessed the rise of coding assistants like GitHub Copilot and the explosion of ChatGPT. We work on the confluence of these developments, fine-tuning generative AI for testing code logic. CodiumAI IDE Extensions, and our TestGPT model, are the first steps towards our mission: making code integrity feasible, for any code and all developers!" said CodiumAI CEO and co-founder Itamar Friedman.

CodiumAI is currently available as an extension for popular IDEs (Integrated Development Environments) such as VSCode, PyCharm, and WebStorm. Coverage for more IDEs and programming languages is planned for the immediate future, and support for additional features and collaborations.

CodiumAI has already been installed by thousands of users since its closed-alpha released in January 2023.

Company: Codium Ltd.

Raised: $11.0M

Round: Seed Round

Funding Month: March 2023

Lead Investors: Vine Ventures and TLV Partners

Additional Investors: OpenAI, Snyk, and VMware

Company Website:

Software Category: AI-powered Interactive Code Integrity Dev Tool

About the Company: Founded by Friedman Itamar and Dedy Kredo, CodiumAI plugs into users' integrated development environment and suggests meaningful tests for their suite, as code. It does this by exploring and analyzing users' code, docstrings, and comments and by interacting with the developer. CodiumAI generates meaningful software tests on the fly, improves code quality, and empowers developers to innovate faster with confidence. The company’s mission is to create a new code integrity paradigm with the power of artificial and human intelligence, in which developers can build faster with zero bugs.


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