CardiaTec Biosciences Raises £1.4 Million in pre-Seed Round  

by Kay Aloha Villamor in July 7th, 2022

CardiaTec Biosciences, a Cambridge, MA-based AI drug target discovery company, specializing in cardiovascular disease, raised £1.4 million in pre-seed funding. 

The financing round was led by Laidlaw Scholars Ventures and APEX Ventures, with participation from Crista Galli Ventures, o2h ventures, and Cambridge Enterprise.

The funds will be used for continued development and to unearth new treatments for patients.

Company: CardiaTec Biosciences LTD.

Raised: £1.4M

Round: pre-seed

Funding Month: July 2022

Lead Investors: Laidlaw Scholars Ventures and APEX Ventures

Additional Investors: Crista Galli Ventures, o2h ventures, and Cambridge Enterprise

Company Website:

Software Category: AI drug target discovery

About the Company:  Founded in 2021 by Raphael Peralta, Thelma Zablocki, and Dr. Namshik Han, CardiaTec Biosciences is developing a target discovery platform leveraging AI to make sense of large-scale multiomic cardiovascular data. It applies artificial intelligence (AI) to large-scale multi-omic data to develop the next generation of cardiovascular disease targets. As opposed to conventional singular omic analysis, its proprietary platform unravels relationships that span across every level of biology, from gene variation, methylation, and expression to their connection to proteomic and metabolomic functions to best understand disease development. The goal of CardiaTec is to leverage its systems biology approach to speed up the drug discovery process, reduce its costs and bring new compounds that will help to save patients’ lives. 


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